An eventful journey south


FROM Mystery Creek in Cambridge to Bill Richardson Transport World in Invercargill, Adam Reinsfield has not only transported himself, but his wife Susan and son Carter (12) from one island to the bottom of another.

With a background in conference and events management, Mr Reinsfield said the move to Gore, from where he commutes to Invercargill every work day, was an easy decision to make.

There were two reasons, he said.

“We wanted to be closer to Susan’s mum in Gore and also my work in Invercargill.”

Transport World was definitely a huge lure, he said.

“It is an exciting place. It is in a period of growth and has so much potential.

“It also has a real point of difference in our (events) industry. The thing with events is that this is what people want… something that’s fresh. Especially for the south. When I look around, there is not another thing down here on this scale.”

With a passion for the industry, Mr Reinsfield worked his way into managerial positions in hospitality around the Waikato region, beginning at The Woodbox at Mystery Creek for two years. Then he was poached from the destination cafe, Punnet Cafe, in Tamahere, south of Hamilton, to join the Mystery Creek Events Centre, where he worked for seven years.

He enthuses about his job. Ask him what he most enjoyed at Mystery Creek events and he bubbles with excitement, saying the night shows at Equidays… the grandstand seating, the technical delivery, as well as two shows in particular, showjumping and the themed nights.

He describes himself as a motivated, outgoing individual, who was always prepared to try something new, was never afraid to take on a challenge, and that he had proven himself to have the ability to adapt within the fast-moving events environment.

“It requires one to be quick-thinking, decisive and willing to stand by the decisions that are made,” he said.

“I find great satisfaction in delivering exceptional customer service to a client, whatever the setting, and I believe that building relationships are essential to a successful service-based business.”

But he also freely acknowledges having a great team made all the difference to hosting.

“It’s about having a great team. We did heaps of amazing stuff [in Mystery Creek]… we could convert a conference room which seated 700 people to an evening gala dinner event in one hour… our team could do that.”

From a small board meeting to a gala dinner for up to 600 people, his role at Transport World involves assisting clients to help plan their events at the venue.

He describes his team at Transport World as “a real powerhouse” which constantly throws out new ideas and events that might appeal to Southlanders and people further abroad.

Among some this year have been Neptune’s Ball, the Mother’s Day High Tea and hosting FibreOctave.

Asked how he had settled in to the deep south, he said it had felt like home.

“It’s really cool down here and the people are a lot friendlier.”short url linkBěžecké tretry Nike