Crs endorse ‘shovel ready’ projects

In the works: An artist's impression of proposed Inner City Development.

THE Invercargill City Council (ICC) will be asking for $107.25 million from the Crown Infrastructure Partners after councillors endorsed five “shovel-ready” projects at a meeting on Monday.

The Government initiative sought applications for projects which would have an immediate stimulatory effect on the construction industry, its workforce and the economy.

For ICC, in order of priority they are; the Inner City Development; the Stead St stopbank; the Bluff Master Plan project; water mains renewal projects; and the Civic Administration Building.

The sum of all projects relating to the Inner City Development had a capital spend of $270 million. A request of $83 million was made.

About $30 million was requested as a grant and the rest was asked as a loan which would replace a bank loan in the short term.

Secondly, a joint funding request from Environment Southland (ES) and ICC for projects relating to stopbanks, including on Stead St.

The total project cost was $22.7 million, with $15.5 million earmarked for the ICC. It requested funding of $8.8 million, but was increased to $11.35 million to match the ES request.

Interim parks manager Michele Frey said a request of $4.15 million was made on behalf of the Bluff Community Board for a series of projects in the Bluff Master Plan which totalled $11.7 million.

Also, $3.75 million was requested for the Branxholme pipeline renewal project.

Lastly, an application for a grant of $5 million for renewal and renovation work on the Civic Administration Building, which was estimated to cost $15.6 million was submitted.

Building assets manager Paul Horner said the funding would mean work could start soon.Nike Sneakers StoreNike Air Force 1 High