Flynn’s fabulous socks


FLYNN Laker may only be 14, but he has already entered the business world.

His business card proves it, with the title “Boss” as his job description.

Bright, colourful and comfy, the extensive range of luxury socks he sells is impressive.

Flynn, who has Down syndrome, is not only learning life skills and how to run his own business through Flynn’s Sox, he also gives a percentage of his earnings to charity.

His father, Tony, said as well as learning various skills, and how to interact with customers and work ethics, $1 from every sale went to charity.

“We presented $200 to Southland Down [Syndrome Support Group] a few weeks ago.”

Asked what motivated Flynn to start his business, Mr Laker said Flynn “had always wanted to be a boss of his own company”.

His cousins Nick and Georgia Popham helped brainstorm a few ideas, with socks eventually being decided upon.

“Everybody needs socks… colourful socks… and one size fits all.

“They are good quality, and we have lots of repeat buyers,” Mr Laker said.

Helping Flynn is his business team, Nick and Georgia, who work on importing and website orders, and his sister Meg Laker, 17, who packs and delivers some of the orders.

“It’s his [Flynn’s] business, assisted by his cousins and sister,” Mr Laker said.

The business began in March and hundreds of socks had already been bought via pop-up shops and website orders, Mr Laker said.

“Flynn had also been invited to various community events and businesses, and had also been invited to have a stand at the national conference of local government.”

Flynn said his favourite socks were the banana patterned ones, and he particularly liked the more colourful ones with yellow, white and pink.

Mr Laker said the family would not let Flynn be held back by Down syndrome.

“The family’s philosophy was to support Flynn to be the best he could be and be independent in the future. People with Down syndrome have no limit on what they can do and can be as successful as anyone else.”

As well as his own business, the Year 9 pupil at James Hargest College also had an after-school job at a law firm carrying out office duties.

“He brightens up their day,” Mr Laker said.

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