Giving the gift of a good night’s sleep

Sleep coach Laura Peacey used her own experience with their children Clare (2), Josiah (5) and Jacob (7) to launch her business, Peacey Sleep, to help parents.

IF you mention to any person you’ve had a baby, almost everyone will ask – how are they sleeping?

This is a common question as many exhausted parents look forward to the time when their baby finally sleeps through the night.

Using her own experience with sleepless nights, an Invercargill woman set up a business to deal with this issue.

Last month, mother of three Laura Peacey launched her company, Peacey Sleep, which aims to provide care, support, and sleep education to exhausted parents.

Mrs Peacey said parents and children having a good night’s sleep could impact well-being.

had her first son, Jacob, who is now 7, she suffered through many months of fragmented sleep which left her frustrated and tired.

At 10 months old, Jacob was waking every two hours during the night and napping for 30 minutes in the afternoon.

“I was absolutely exhausted, completely shattered and I had to come back to work. I decided I couldn’t cope doing both of those things, so we got a sleep consultant who helped us to do a lot of changes.”

After the sleep coach made changes in their routine, diet and habits, within two weeks, Jacob was sleeping for 12 hours at night and Mrs Peacey and her husband were able to have full nights of sleep, she said.

“Getting a good night’s sleep impacts our moods and ability to parent well and as parents we often learn to live with things and forget about the long-term effects sleep disruption has on overall health and well-being. I want to help stop the trend of accepting a lack of sleep as normal.”

Since then, Mrs Peacey became fascinated by children’s sleep and used what she learned from her first son to help her other two children.

She studied at Baby Sleep Consultant Training School and is now certified to help families with children aged 3 weeks to 4 years old.

“Sleep deprivation is an unavoidable part of being a new mother, but it doesn’t have to become your new normal,” she said.

Mrs Peacey was not just focused on babies, she also worked with families with older children who have not yet managed to set up their ideal sleep pattern. She creates personalised sleep plans, fixing a range of sleep issues including frequent night waking, short naps, early morning wakes, difficult bedtimes, transitions from co-sleeping to cot, and teaching skills of self-settling.

She wanted to help other parents to find peace and the ability to enjoy the gift of parenting without sleepless nights.

“I love watching tired families make healthy changes to their sleep situation and seeing massive improvements in the family dynamics is such a thrill.

“The whole personality of a children can change if they have a good night of sleep and I can say from a personal experience – the mood of the parents reflect this.”