Kai team delivers the goods

Karli Harris (left) and Donna Rodgers are taking delicacies to offices around town as part of a new Koha Kai initiative.

FOLLOWING a “quiet year” due to Covid-19, Koha Kai founder Janice Lee is looking for different ways to support the business.

Ms Lee and her team thought of different opportunities for employment for trainees, as well as new ways they could financially support the business.

They decided to explore the corporate area – and a pitch to take morning tea and food to offices around the town sounded the perfect one.

“In most workplaces, people have only half an hour for lunch and by the time that you go out, line up and get what you want – you get less than five minutes to eat it.

“So this way, if they know we are coming, they don’t need to worry about the food. It gives them a kind of freedom.”

Koha Kai staff members Donna Rodgers and Karli Harris had been visiting offices in town with a basket full of delicacies including sandwiches, muffins and scones since last month.

But last week they launched a new food truck, which would allow the Koha Kai team to deliver a more diverse range of food.

Ms Lee said the idea was for businesses to get “their visit” twice a week.

At the moment that would be on Wednesdays and Fridays, but they planned to run the service from Tuesday to Friday.

She also planned to offer hot meals on the menu.

“It is very exciting for us. The community has been very welcoming.”

Ms Lee highlighted the main goal was to promote the values of Koha Kai transformation in the disability sector through employment and education.

“We want them [trainees] to be front and centre of our business and we want people to understand that we are doing what we are to support people to change their lives.”

  • To find out more about Koha Kai’s food delivery service, go to www.kohakai.co.nz