New app launches in south


SOUTHERN connections have resulted in the launch of a new health and safety app its developers say has national and international potential.
Former helicopter pilot Duncan Faulkner, of Cromwell, wanted to produce a user-friendly app which would save business owners in practical fields such as farming, horticulture, contracting, shearing, and aviation, time and paperwork.
He lacked the technical skills to create the app until about two years ago when he met software developer Brian Graham, who had relocated to Cromwell after 35 years in Auckland.
They lacked access to health and safety experts and a business partner, until Mr Faulkner was introduced to Melissa Vining, a health and safety specialist with business consultancy firm Crowe Horwath.
The result was a partnership which led to the launch of last week.
The app, which is installed on a smartphone or tablet, and can also operate off-line, offers a range of features to automate and accelerate record keeping, calculate risks, manage documents and produce reports. Some of its functions are managing and updating accident reports, complaints registers and hazard registers, and keeping track of requirements such as staff training or vehicle inspections.
Customers buy access to the app from $50 a month.
Neil McAra, head of agribusiness for Crowe Horwath New Zealand and managing principal of Crowe Horwath South, said the company was pleased to offer further support to its rural clients, particularly on an issue which was vital to the wellbeing of workers.
‘‘Compliance can be a challenge given the extent and complexity of the new regulations in the new Health and Safety Act. With this partnership and the app, we believe that’s a challenge which has been solved, delivering convenience and clarity for compliance which doesn’t have to hamper operations.’’
Ms Vining said being able to use the system online or off-line was important.
‘‘Given that connectivity isn’t assured in rural settings, it was essential it works whether connected or not.’’
Mr Faulkner said the app would be constantly updated, ensuring users had access to the best information without having to spend time having to find it themselves.
That was important when the vast majority of New Zealand companies were too small to afford a dedicated health and safety manager, he said.
While the app was designed for primary sector businesses at present, there was a ‘‘massive opportunity’’ to widen it to other businesses in this country and overseas, Mr Faulkner said.
‘‘It’s only going to get bigger and better from here. We are already working at expanding it for the transport and education sectors.’’spy offers【2021年発売予定】 サカイ × ナイキ ヴェイパー ワッフル 全4色 – スニーカーウォーズ