New hotel designed for community

ILT chief executive Chris Ramsay (left) and hotel manager Bryan Townley admire a newly built apartment room at The Langlands hotel in Invercargill.
ILT board and staff members tour The Langlands hotel site last week.

THE Langlands hotel on the corner of Don and Dee Sts, Invercargill, will be for out-of-towners as well as locals.

ILT chief executive Chris Ramsay said the layout of the ground floor was designed to welcome the community into the space.

There would be an open lobby which was set apart from the bar, a fusion restaurant and substantial bar two doors down, which locals could enjoy.

“We hope to have locals coming in and making it a part of their scene.

“Don St has always been identified as the entertainment precinct as part of the recent city plans and streetscape reviews.”

The handover date was March 30 but the hotel was due to open in April.

The estimated budget for the project was initially about $51 million.

But the latest lockdown meant a revision of the budget was needed, and an extra $500,000 was added to the project.

The Langlands team was in the process of hiring 80 staff members with hotel manager Bryan Townley at the forefront of the operation.

“He’s doing a great job and with those who are applying for the jobs, most actually want to get away from the busy cities and they’ve seen the benefits of the provincial city post-Covid.

Mr Ramsay believed the building would become a significant asset for the future of the city.

Although they were excited about the opening of the hotel, there were concerns about how it would profit while the borders remained closed, Mr Ramsay said.

“For [Langlands], Kelvin and the Ascot Hotel to run profitably, there is no denying that Covid is continuing to have an impact on accommodation. So we are hoping this business will open at the right time because there are still some significant concerns there.”