New In Business: Lee’s Canteen


Owners: Debbie Monteith and Daniel Jones, of Riverton

Business: Lee’s Canteen lunch orders via Facebook

Business description: A Facebook school lunch ordering system for parents to order and pay for their child’s lunch. To make it easier for parents to order nutritious, affordable food, which is sourced from local growers and cooked without any additives, preservatives or colouring. Parents can send a message to Lee’s Canteen Facebook page giving details of their order and pay by Internet banking. Debbie Monteith prepares the meals and delivers them directly to the school. Gluten and diary-free options are also available. Debbie works out of the Aparima College canteen in Riverton and also delivers to primary schools in Riverton, Waianiwa and Thornbury. The service will become available in other Southland schools during the next year as services are rolled out to new school communities. “It is an extension of what I was already doing… at the college’s canteen.”

Date business started: “Aparima College canteen in February, and I was approached by the Riverton Primary School, so began the online lunch ordering in May.”

Why Southland? “I have lived in Southland 21 years. I just love it here… it’s a beautiful place. And I like the idea of growing virtually everything you can.”

Why now? “I was inspired by [British chef] Jamie Oliver… to contribute to the well-being of children in my community. I love cooking, entertaining and cooking healthy food from scratch. I enjoy creating nice food which is presented really well. Food is always a good conversation starter.”latest RunningNike for Men