New In Business: Tiny Coffeehouse

The Tiny Coffeehouse owners Kylie McGinnis (left) and Shelley Crooks in front of their mobile coffee van on Gala St. Photo: Sanda Jukic

Business: The Tiny Coffeehouse

Owners: Kylie McGinnis and Shelley Crooks

Business description: A unique Southland experience. Grab a coffee on the run and maybe a bite to eat. Hot chocolate, chai tea, with soy and almond milk available as well. Eftpos available. Contact us for events or find us on Gala St. For more information, visit Facebook page

Date business started: August 2017

Why Southland? We are proud local girls from the region. We strongly believe Southland has a lot to offer and Southland is ready for some new quirky businesses.

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