Southern legends in new Mecca display

Transport World visitor experience manager Juliana Baxter in the new section of Classic Motorcycle Mecca, dubbed 'Mods and Rockers'.

SOUTHLAND is being represented and celebrated in Classic Motorcycle Mecca, with Burt Munro and Farm Jam exhibits to be features in the newly redeveloped and expanded motorcycle museum.

“You can’t have a motorcycle display without acknowledging Burt Munro,” Transport World visitor experience manager Juliana Baxter said.

The museum had undergone a major redevelopment this year, with only the Burt Munro exhibit and final touches still to be completed.

A 1927 Douglas DT 5 (British) 500cc OHV speedway bike, an example of the model ridden by English dirt bike champion Fay Taylor.

The collection of over 300 bikes now included Japanese, motocross and speedway bikes alongside its original collection of mostly British, European and American motorcycles dating back to 1902.

A cocktail function/events space with a ‘Mods and Rockers’ display area had also been incorporated into the new-look museum.

Ms Baxter said there was now more of a focus on New Zealand and Southland, and exhibits relating to women.

One such exhibit was 2006 New Zealand champion Karel Pavich’s 2002 Yamaha TZ250 GP

two-stroke Grand Prix bike.

2006 New Zealand champion Karel Pavich’s 2002 Yamaha TZ250 GP 2 stroke Grand Prix bike.

Pavich was New Zealand’s first woman to win a national road racing championship.

“We are trying to improve the appeal [of the museum] to women. Karel’s bike would be a wonderful addition to the collection,” Ms Baxter said.

Other new features in the museum included a New Zealand motorbike hall of fame, a sports bike display and new themed toilets.

Transport World communications manager Andie Gentle said the redevelopment was all about diversifying the interest in the museum.

“There is a lot more engaging content. You don’t have to like bikes to come in and enjoy it.”

The new extension was expected to be open to the public before Christmas, with a special launch planned in time for the Burt Munro Challenge in February, Ms Gentle said.

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