Styling sessions on offer

Winton Hospice Shop volunteer Mary Witsey (left) and shop manager Maree Ronald in front of the shop’s ‘designated designer clothing rack'. The pair have set up personal fashion styling sessions for customers. Photo: Jenet Gellatly

IN what is believed to be a first for Southland, the Winton Hospice Shop is offering customers fashion-styling sessions.

The brainchild of shop manager Maree Ronald, the sessions were aimed at allowing people to come into the shop to get support and assistance to find their “perfect outfit”.

This could be for a special family event, a wedding or a christening, or it could be for a fashion in the field event at the races, or just for someone wanting to update their look.”

The idea came after Mrs Ronald noted interest from people enjoying the fashion styling they were seeing in-store and asked for help in putting their own looks together.

“We’ve got clothes ranging in size from 6 to 26, and we’ve got the accessories, and very often we’ve even got the shoes to match.

“It’s great seeing people coming into our store and leaving with the perfect outfit, or a new look would pay elsewhere.”

People looking to re-enter the job market might find it a bit daunting, especially updating their look to corporate or appropriate working clothes for an “important job interview”, which was another reason to use the shop’s service, she said.

“We are happy to give good-quality clothing a second chance.”

And it wasn’t only for women, men were also welcome to use the service, she said.

Since Covid-19, Mrs Ronald said she had seen an upturn in interest in people shopping for “resale fashion”.

“We’ve also seen an increase in clothing  donations, with some brand new or nearly new pieces being given to us, including designer labels, and this great support from our community means that we can give back to others.

“We know and love our stock… and our fashion styling sessions will allow us to give people who want it, that individual attention and inspiration to find the clothes that suit their lifestyle.”

A $10 donation to Hospice per styling session was all that was required, with a 10% discount on any clothes bought during the session.

The shop was open Monday to Friday, 9.30am-4.30pm, and on Saturdays, 10am-2pm.

  • Anyone could book in for a styling session by phoning Mrs Ronald on (03) 236 8560 or 27 724 1615.

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