Wastenet tender due to close

Southland disAbility Enterprises staff sort through recycling as part of the contract with WasteNet. Photo: Southland Express files

TODAY is was the last date to submit a bid for the Wastenet tender to recycle all of Gore, Invercargill and Southland councils’ collections.

Wastenet spokesman and Southland Mayor Gary Tong said the deadline for the tender would not be extended again.

Mr Tong said he was not aware of how many tenders had been submitted.

“It’s going to be dealt with as soon as absolutely possible because we are aware that there are a number of people waiting to hear about that.”

It was announced last year negotiations between Southland disAbility Enterprises (SdE) and Wastenet over the renewal of SdE’s contract had broken down and it would be put out for tender.

SdE has held the contract since 2011 and it comes to an end on June 30.

Initially the date for tenders to be submitted was in February, but this was then extended to March 14 because of “timing issues” due to the Christmas holidays.

Almost 90 of those employed by SdE are disabled and many family members have expressed concern if SdE does not get the contract, there will be very few opportunities for their loved ones.Adidas footwear【発売情報】 近日発売予定のナイキストア オンライン リストックまとめ – スニーカーウォーズ