A day to capture the moment

Mid-morning sun bursts through the fog at Queens Park in early June. Photo: Ian Smith

IN a world where millions of pictures are uploaded every minute, World Photo Day is an event designed to inspire photographers across the planet to share a single photo, taken on a single day in their part of the world.

No matter who you are, where you are, or what equipment and skills you have, World Photo Day, can help open your eyes to the possibilities of photography, and enable you to share the world as you see it.

The soft click of the camera, a flash of light and a moment in time captured forever. A group of people, a sunset, or even a fish jumping out of the water, a photograph is a way to feel the emotion and context of that exact moment.

This year the Southland Photographic Society is spearheading World Photo Day in Invercargill, Riverton and Te Anau, and would like to invite everyone who has a camera to go out on Saturday, August 19, and take photos of anything which captures their attention.

To kick the day off there will be a photo walk at 10.30am starting at Wachner Place. For times and locations for Riverton and Te Anau, go to the society’s special Facebook page – World Photo Day in Southland.

From your images taken on the day, select one and by 5pm on Wednesday, August 23, take it along to Harvey Norman, who have agreed to make a 6×9 print of your image at a special rate for World Photo Day. Invercargill images submitted will be displayed at Harvey Norman and at E Hayes & Sons.

The society hopes there will be many people who will take up the challenge and participate on the day.

The society wants it to be a very special day for photography in our own little part of the world as we all freeze moments in time and then share them with others in the community where we live.

Members of the Southland Photographic Society look forward to seeing you being part of this event as we together celebrate World Photo Day.

– Ian Smith is the Southland Photographic Society president

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