A Rose-coloured view of the world

Roseanne Zyskowski is selling a calendar she has made of favourite places capturing her "view of the world".

ROSE Zyskowski has always had a particular and unique view of the world.

Now she wants to share this with her community through her photography.

The 32-year-old Invercargill woman, who has Down syndrome, has put some of her favourite pictures taken throughout Invercargill into a calendar called Heaven on Earth.

“I see different things than others do. I can say I have a different angle on things,” she said with a laugh.

She also wanted to promote the city she loved.

One of her favourite spots to take snaps was Queens Park in Invercargill and the city’s estuary.

“Occasionally I go by myself to take photos. Sometimes with my support person and sometimes with mum and my cousin.”

She wanted to show people that you didn’t only need to go to popular places.

“People need to see the inside of Invercargill, the beautiful things.”

It was with the same colourful approach she used to deal with criticism of the city in which she was “born and bred”, she took to deal with her own disabilities.

She also wanted to show people how capable she could be.

“I wrote on the back of the calendar – ‘no disability, only people’. That is my mission statement and my vision.”

The idea of the calendar came about four years ago when her mother, Clare, attended a social enterprise workshop.

Mother and daughter wanted to create a business for Rose so she could support herself.

“We wanted to create an income for Rose so she could have her own choices.

“Her financial goal is she becomes financially independent so in the future she is not depending on the Government’s benefit. We believe, really strongly, there is no reason why this can’t happen,” Clare said.

The 2021 calendar would be the fourth endeavour of Rose’s, who had seen her business growing.

“In the first year we printed 40 calendars, the second year 80 and last year 120.

“This year we would love to be able to sell 200 so Rose’s financial goals could move forward,” Clare said.

Last year, Rose sent one of her calendars to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and she said she would probably send another one this year.

“I’m still waiting for her reply,” Rose said.

Rose said the calendar showed her view of the world, and a side of her personality.

“I’ve been doing art classes and it is helping me to be creative with my photos.

“I feel excited to know people want to have my calendar.”

  • The calendars would be sold at the Invercargill Christmas Market and could also be bought by emailing rosesphotofactory@gmail or through Rose’s Photo Factory Facebook page.

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