Art exhibition to be an interactive experience


MEMBERS of the public will have the opportunity to interact with a “portrait” which comes to life on the opening night of the Manapouri Art Group’s Labour Weekend Exhibition.

Southland artist Chiaroni (Greg McDonald), in collaboration with Vaka Interactiv, has created “the world’s first interactive portrait”, which will feature on the Friday night.

The digital art, Descendent , featured his niece Claudi Ramsay-Aupouri, who can tell the viewer who she is and about her whakapapa.

The portrait “came to life” and interacted with its viewer when it detected someone was looking at it.

Instead of a traditional form of painting, the image inside the picture frame was a high-definition image of Chiaroni’s artwork. The frame had a motion sensor and facial recognition software which activated when someone looked at it.

Manapouri Art Group president Jan Powell said the opening night on Friday, October 19, would begin at 7.30pm, and the exhibition would also be open on Saturday, October 20, and Sunday, October 21, 10am-4pm, as well as Monday, October 22, 9am-2pm.

Being held at the Manapouri Hall on View St, other invited artists included Lynn Taylor, Robyn Douglas, Kylie Greet, Lorraine Higgins, Andrea Sexton and many more, Mrs Powell said.

Members of the art group would also be exhibiting, including recent award-winning paintings by Ruth Crochley and Catriona Cunningham, as well as art from Mararoa School and local community art classes.

Crochley, of Te Anau, had previously exhibited her stunning acrylic carved painting Sea Turtle at this year’s Preston Russell Law Art Awards exhibition at the Riverton Community Arts Centre, which proved extremely popular with about 3000 views online. She also won this year’s Emerging Artist Award for her painting The Legend of the Lake at the 45th Riversdale Arts’ Mixed Media Exhibition.

Cunningham, of Manapouri, won the ILT Art Awards Supreme Award this year with her watercolour painting Invercargill, City of Water and Light

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