Artist’s space popular

Artist Caley Hall at the Tay St studio.

CALEY Hall is the first artist to benefit from the Space For Artists (SFA) initiative.

Hall, a landscape artist from Invercargill, who works primarily in oils, was excited to be given the opportunity to present his work for six months at the pop-up gallery which opened last month at 49 Tay St as part of the SFA project.

“This is a really positive initiative. It is the first time I have had a gallery in Invercargill. People are constantly stopping by and I’ve sold 13 paintings in the first four weeks,” Hall said.

He also shares his knowledge with the art students who are his regular visitors.

“Southern Institute of Technology art students are coming here to talk with me and to get a few tips about oil painting. I like to help them where I can.”

HWR Property Ltd, which owns the property, and SFA have combined to connect landlords of empty buildings in Invercargill with artists, community projects and collectors who need an inner city location to showcase their work.

SFA project founder Viviane Vagt said more landlords were needed to take part in the project.

“Feedback about the SFA initiative is absolutely fantastic, but we need more landlords to co-operate. We can make their empty spaces more interesting. It won’t cost them anything, but it will increase social activity in the city.”

The commercial value of a building was at risk if it was left empty, she said.

“If a building is being used it can prove its potential and more attention is drawn to the property. With allowing Space For Artists the use of the property, the building is transformed from an empty shell to a space with a purpose.”Nike air jordan SneakersUpdated Air Jordan Sneaker Releases for 2021