Transforming Nature Into Art… using kelp

By Rhonda Hall

THE zone where ocean meets land is dramatic and ever-changing.
Utilising this high energy zone to full advantage is kelp.
From the holdfast anchoring the plant to bare rock, the stipe springs forth into buoyant fronds, resting, swirling or floating across the ocean.
Living close to the coast in New Zealand’s southernmost land, Winton freelance floral designer and environmental artist Rhonda Hall has discovered and explored the design opportunities our indigenous kelp provides. Her creativity and persistence explains her in-depth knowledge of this medium.
Kelp proves a challenge from collecting, to using, drying, creating, finishing in a design and storing. The results are outstanding and stimulate further journeys in design.
In Transforming Nature Into Art… using kelp Hall generously shares her experience and knowledge of working with kelp.
The methodology and techniques are explained concisely and clearly.
Placing the designs in the habitat they spring from compliments their components.
A rocky shore or a sandy beach encourages the reader to recall the crash of a wave, the smell of the sea, or the gentle lapping tide receding through their toes.
This book provides a treasure trove of inspiration and information. I look forward to my next shoreline journey with renewed enthusiasm.
I am thankful for the knowledge shared by an author who has gathered her wisdom through years of experimentation.

Transforming Nature Into Art… using kelp is available from the Southland Museum & Art Gallery, Te Hikoi Museum, Riverton, and With Grace, Winton.



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