Dad’s bedtime tale inspires book series

The star of the book Arya and the Boatman, Arya Biswas holds her toy dog which also features in a book written by her father Bibhas (Benji) Biswas.

JOIN Arya on her adventures.

One night, Arya was struggling to fall asleep, so her daddy told her a story to inspire her to be brave and strong.

Since then, every night before she fell asleep, Arya asked… “Boatman peeeessss, Daddy”.

So for her second birthday, Arya’s dad, Bibhas (Benji) Biswas, of Invercargill, turned the story into the book, Arya and the Boatman, not only for Arya but to also inspire young children.

“During Covid, I wanted to tell Arya, who was 15 months old, a story to be brave and strong,” he said.

“Every night afterwards, she kept asking for the boatman story.”

Biswas said he had been inspired by his daughter and planned a series of 10 books during the next year, about the Adventures of Arya.

As a child, he said he had been told by his teachers and parents he was “talkative” and asked “too many questions”.

But really, it was because he was curious about everything.

He said he decided to write the series of books to let children know “it’s OK to be brave, curious, kind and to ask questions”.

“It is about teaching kids through stories, not only about being brave, but also about New Zealand culture and sharing it to the world.”

The next book, Arya becoming a Champion, “about children learning how to solve problems, to never give up, find a way, always have fun and become a champion”, was almost compete, he said.

Biswas had asked his school friend in India, Abinash Modak, to illustrate the books which had many references to New Zealand flora and fauna, as well as a drawing of Arya’s toy dog.

Self-published by Crunchie Creations, Biswas said he appreciated the “amazing support” he had received with 150 books sold so far. The book was available at Bliss Cafe Gifts and Wellbeing or other bookshops which supported local authors, he said.

  • Biswas and Arya will be at the book launch and signing at Bliss Cafe Gifts and Wellbeing gift shop, Windsor St, on Saturday, from 11am-1pm.

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