Deow’s new kind of art

Artist Deow (Danny Owen) alongside one of his recent works at the Vault (Pop Up) Gallery in Riverton. 

THE old Bank of New Zealand on Riverton’s main street now houses a different kind of treasure.

Well-known for his graffiti and street art throughout Invercargill, artist Deow (Danny Owen) is displaying some of his latest artworks at the Vault (Pop Up) Gallery.

Originally intending to only be exhibiting for one weekend, his works have proved so popular the exhibition has been extended until the first weekend in December.

Although now based in California, in the United States, Deow talked of his homesickness for New Zealand and the reasons he chose to paint iconic native birds.

“I missed home for a good three years… and native birds are the essence of the country.”

Deow said his style was evolving… from a graffiti and tag style… in a sense to “a merging together of the old style and portrait style”.

“Spray painting can be limited… so I started using some brushes and air brushes, as well as spray paint.”

Deow, New Zealand’s Southern Most Graffiti Artist, exhibition will be open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays over the next two weekends.



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