Discover the beat of African drums


SOUTHLANDERS are being invited to learn the contagious rhythm of African drumming and dance.

Master drummer Koffie Fugah will be in Invercargill next month to teach a workshop which will introduce participants to the art of Djembe, a goblet-shaped drum which is played with bare hands, and other drums from Africa.

Originally from Ghana, Fugah moved to New Zealand in 2013.

Although he is based in Dunedin, he said he spent a lot of time travelling and teaching workshops throughout the country. However, this will be his first time in Invercargill and he is looking forward to heading south.

Fugah said he enjoyed being able to share his culture.

“I love it, it’s my passion, that’s what I do and I love to share – I don’t want to keep it to myself.”

Along with learning about traditional dances and singing, participants would be taught about drumming techniques, such as proper hand placement, he said.

He would also discuss the history and traditions behind the rhythms, with different dances for things like rituals, celebrations and hunting.

“Every step we do in Africa has meaning.”

It would be a fun challenge for people and all levels were welcome, he said.

“It will be magic learning some African dance steps.

“African rhythm is contagious, therefore everyone can do it. Once they start they’re just going to get into it.”

Saturday, July 8, and Sunday, July 9, from 11am-1.30pm, with a lunch break.

but numbers are limited. To book and reserve a drum, or for more information phone Koffie on 021 0268 0964, or email

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