Double the Irish pleasure

Dublin's Irish Tenors and The Celtic Ladies will perform in Invercargill this month. Photos: Supplied

TWO Irish groups are combining their talents to present a Celtic concert experience at the Civic Theatre this month.

Dublin’s Irish Tenors and The Celtic Ladies are touring New Zealand together and will perform in Invercargill on Saturday, November 25.

Celtic Ladies member Jennifer Harraghy, who is originally from Scotland, said she thought this tour was going to be a special one for the performers.

“The more we’ve spent time putting it together, we’ve realised actually that some of the places we’re going to have deep Celtic roots themselves,” she said.

“The tour has become even more special as it’s progressed, which is exciting.”

Harraghy said they would present a diverse set of music, featuring classics such as Danny Boy and Scarborough Fair, along with some more contemporary numbers including a Shania Twain medley.

“I love the modern music, but with our Celtic twist on it.”

The Celtic portion of the show featured well-known folk songs which would resonate with many people, she said.

“For anybody with any Celtic heritage, it would hopefully be a really enjoyable experience to hear those songs up there.”

The two groups would perform individually and together during the night, she said.

“I’m really excited to be singing with the tenors… we’ve got some really exciting stuff lined up to do with them. In particular, I’m looking forward to doing The Prayer,” she said.

“We’ll be working as a unit, but also independently, which is really nice because we get a chance to show off what we do as the girls, and the boys get a chance to show off what they do, and then we get to come together and do the best of everything.”

Harraghy joined the group about four years ago. She had worked with one of the other members before in a different capacity and heard about the group through her, she said.

“I thought it sounded so exciting.”

Since then they’ve had performances in such places as Monte Carlo, Russia and Israel, and Harraghy said they were all very excited to be touring New Zealand.

She had visited the country before, but was looking forward to returning, she said.

“I was lucky enough to visit Auckland and I thought the country was beautiful, but I’ve never seen as much of the country as I’m going to be lucky enough to see while we’re on tour, so I’m so excited to be coming back and working there.

“I think it’s going to be brilliant.”

Dublin’s Irish Tenors and Celtic Ladies, Civic Theatre, Invercargill, Saturday, November 25, 7.30pm. Tickets available from the Invercargill City Council booking office and TicketDirect

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