Emotional journey for author


WRITING her memoirs has been an emotional journey for Invercargill author Storm Reece.

Reece, who writes under the pseudonym Catherine Taylor, has released her first non-fiction book – Illegitimately yours, Michael and Me: A memoir of secrets, adoption and DNA

It officially went on sale yesterday.

The book tells of Reece and her foster brother Michael’s lives growing up in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s until Michael became a missing person in 1985.

It also follows Reece’s two-and-a-half year quest to find her biological father and her missing brother.

“It has been a pretty emotional journey,” Reece said.

“The process has been stressful with so many highs and lows with it.”

Reece said she had always wanted to write a story about her life.

“I had beautiful parents and they were such a wonderful mum and dad to me that my experience of adoption was a great one… but they weren’t conventional people.

“The book honours my family. This is a tribute to them.”

Reece grew up in Adelaide, South Australia, with her adoptive parents and foster brother Michael.

Growing up, she knew who her biological mother was, but not her biological father.

There was a family member, Robin, who had always claimed he was her father, but Reece said she had never been certain.

She decided to wait until Robin died to find out the truth, she said.

“I waited out of respect for him because he was a lovely person, and he felt very proud and wanted to claim me as his child.”

After his death, Reece began her quest to find her father and his family. She took a DNA test, and the results confirmed Robin was not her father.

“This left me with no knowledge of who my biological father was, which was gutting.”

However, the DNA results were the breakthrough she needed to narrow down the search, she said.

Alongside the search for her father and his family, Reece’s daughter Mikyla began searching for Michael.

Reece was reluctant to give away too much more about the story, but she did find out what happened to Michael.

“This book has put memories under the microscope.

“I have realised we shouldn’t judge other people until we have walked in their shoes.”

With the release of her memoirs, Reece said she was happy to return to writing the genre she was best known for, erotic fiction.

“Now that this is done I feel a whole weight has been lifted off.

“I am looking forward to going back to writing fiction which is less taxing on my emotions.”

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