Film festival fortune

SIT Screen Arts graduate Jerry Westaway has won a section of an International Film Festival with his documentary-style short film, The Green Revolution.

SOUTHERN Institute of Technology (SIT) graduate Jerry Westaway heard this week his short film The Green Revolution, made as part of a Graduate Diploma in Screen Arts, won the monthly prize for at the Changing Face International Film Festival in Australia.

Originally from Timaru, Westaway spent 2020 in Invercargill to complete his qualification at SIT, and made and directed the documentary film.

“I hope this will be (my career), I’ve wanted to do film-making since I was 12 years old,” he said.

The film centred around the international movement of School Climate Strikes, focusing on what happened in Invercargill.

Westaway said he researched the topic and found it very hard to find any documentaries about the movement, and felt this added to his film’s uniqueness.

He attended a climate strike, giving him the inspiration to make the film.

At the time it really felt like something significant was happening, he said.

“I felt like I was in the middle of history taking place.”

Despite Invercargill being viewed perhaps as socially conservative, hundreds came out to make demands on climate action, he said.

Aware of the global significance of the subject, he said the film might be interesting to an international audience as the story took place in the southernmost city of the Commonwealth countries.

The film was officially selected into the film festival, as well as considered for nomination in the annual awards, to be held in November.