Girl group to celebrate 21 years of performing

The BeatGirls. Photo: Supplied

THE BeatGirls are in party mode and they’re looking forward to celebrating in the south.

The bubbly girl group will be performing their cabaret show next month during the Southland Arts Festival.

Co-founder, member and performer Andrea Sanders said the show would be a celebration of the group turning 21.

“It’s really a celebration of all the different styles that we’ve covered [over the years], and the most popular songs that we perform we’ve tried to include.”

During their performance at SIT Centrestage Theatre, Sanders said The BeatGirls would share some screen footage, talk a little bit about where they’ve been over the years, and share a few stories as well.

The journey began when Sanders and her husband Billy Watkins put together a show called Blame it on the Bossa Nova, which featured music from the 1960s and 70s great Bossa artists, she said.

The concept of three female singers turned out to be a good one, and Sanders said they then formed The BeatGirls, which initially only performed songs by The Beatles.

The group’s popularity grew, and it kept reinventing itself, she said. They started branching out into the music of groups produced by Phil Spector, rock ‘n’ roll groups, 1970’s and 1980’s music, then back to the war songs of the 1940s.

“Now we do everything, we do a lot of contemporary stuff as well.”

While the cast and the style of music had changed over the years, the group’s energy had stayed the same, she said.

“We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We like to make people laugh and I’m just fortunate to have had such a great group of women.”

Along with travelling extensively throughout New Zealand and Australia along with Asia and the Pacific Islands, Sanders said the group had performed in the United States, and at two Olympic Games.

“We only thought it was going to be for fun, just like a regular gig on a Friday night in the pub on Courtney Place.

“We had no idea that we’d still be going – we’ve travelled all over the world now.”

The BeatGirls, Friday, May 10, 8pm, SIT Centrestage Theatre. Tickets selling fast. Book through TicketDirect.Authentic SneakersNIKE AIR HUARACHE