Magic murals brighten Bluff

Koryu is part-way through his maritime themed mural in Bluff, painted as part of the South Sea Spray festival.


BLUFF’S streets are being revamped as the South Sea Spray Motupohue festival brings artists to the seaside town this week.

Fifteen artists, including Invercargill’s Deow, began taking their street art to Bluff walls on Monday.

Kell Sunshine is one of 15 artists taking part in the South Sea Spray Motupohue festival.

Artists Flox, Trustme, Dcypher, Charles & Janine Williams, MrG, Kell Sunshine, Yikes, Erika Pearce, Berst, Shane Walker, Ikarus, Koryu and Sean Duffell would take part.

Original artwork was also to form part of an exhibition at the Lighthouse Gallery in Bluff from Saturday.

Based on his Riverton festival several years ago, the event was created by Deow.

Mural artist Koryu, who was on a working holiday from Japan, based his design on the town’s relationship with the sea.

Fellow artist Dcypher painted his design on the side of the Eagle Hotel.

“It’s an artist’s interpretation of the Haast Eagle and down the end I’ll have them swooping and attacking a moa.”

Dcypher, from Christchurch, paints on the Eagle Hotel in Bluff.