Review – Last Legs

Last Legs cast members (from left) Lynley McKerrow as Trish/Sheila, Annie Sherborne as Helena/Jessie pouring a glass of wine on Ian Reeves as Gary, Brogan Campbell as Kitty/Joyce and Dorothey Hart-Brown as Eve/Edna perform during a dress rehearsal.

Last Legs
Repertory Invercargill
October 13-17
Directed by Jonathan Tucker

I SAW a potential vision of the future last week.

Last Legs, a truly hilarious comedy, set in The Cambridge Retirement Village on Auckland’s North Shore. Rangitoto Island in the background set the scene. Ageing is not always what it should be

Written by one of my favourite playwrights, Sir Roger Hall, it followed the shenanigans, yes shenanigans, of six distinct individuals real estate agent Trish played by Southland Town Crier Lynley McKerrow in one of her last performances before she relocates north; arts connoisseur and judge of the finer things in life Helena by “prolific” actor Annie Sherbourne, a veteran of the stage for the past 45 years; Greeny Edna by the much-loved and adored Dorothy Hart-Brown; naughty, but delightful Kitty by Brogan Campbell, another familiar actor in the south; Trish’s husband and retirement village top man Garry by yet another prolific performer Reeves; and easy-to-be-led-astray (please) and husband of Helena, Angus by the “accomplished and versatile” Peter Taylor, a Methodist Minister, which added to my mirth.

Hall’s plays are timeless, and I have attended most.

He has taken us on the journey of Kiwi life from the likes of Glide Time which morphed into the television series Gliding On and Middle-Age SpreadFour Flat Whites in Italy to You Can Always Hand Them Back. He also co-wrote another Kiwi favourite Footrot Flats the Musical

Hall knows how to mirror the lifestyles, customs and morals of the New Zealand way of life, and as a result has a huge following in theatres throughout the country.

Repertory Invercargill would have made him proud.

Timeless as always, among the topics covered were the high cost of housing in Auckland, the dilemma of ageing, end-of-life choice, and what is always entertaining

This season’s production was a sell-out, so I encourage theatre lovers to book early for Repertory Invercargill’s next show Blackadder, The Golden Age which will be performed in March at Centrestage.

This production of Last Legs was also dedicated to the memory of the much loved Elizabeth Buffy Edlin, a life member of Repertory Invercargill, who was hugely involved in every aspect of the society.

Five stars out of five

NB: Also recommended is Hall’s autobiography, aptly named Bums On SeatsSports ShoesAir Jordan 1 Mid “What The Multi-Color” For Sale