Sharing dreams of the future

Invercargill City Council community development manager Mary Napper is encouraging Invercargill children to enter the Jiangsu International Painting Contest.

YOUNG artists from Invercargill are being encouraged to start dreaming about the future for a Chinese painting contest.

Invercargill children aged 4-12 years have been invited to enter the Jiangsu International Painting Contest this month.

Jiangsu is a coastal Chinese province and the purpose of the contest is to highlight the friendship between the younger generation of Jiangsu’s 13 cities and those in sister cities around the world.

Invercargill became a sister city of Suqian, which is in the northern region of the province, in November 2013.

Invercargill City Council community development manager Mary Napper said the contest was a great opportunity for children to have their paintings displayed in China.

The theme of the competition is Dreams of the Future.

This was the first time Invercargill had been invited to take part in the contest, she said.

The contest had been sorted into three age groups – 4-6 years, 7-9 years and 10-12 years – and organisers of the contest had asked for 10 paintings from each group, Napper said. Already the council had informed schools and those in the early childhood sector about the competition and now wanted to continue to spread the word.

“We want to let the public know so people can encourage their children, their grandchildren, nieces and nephews.”

The artwork must be A3 in size (no mats or frames). No 3D raised surface or stretched canvas can be accepted.

“[The artwork] has to be very flat because we do need to pack them and send them away, and we don’t want anything to be damaged in transit,” Napper said.

Although it was called a “painting contest”, Napper said the examples given by organisers were much wider.

“So it could include various different pastels and crayon, all that kind of thing. It could include print making, it could include collage, or paper cut out.”

To select the 30 artworks to send to China, a panel had been set up featuring two artists and a young person from the region, Napper said.

“Then the actual judging of the contest will happen in China.”

An awards ceremony would be held in China, and an overall first, second and third would be chosen. The painters who had not won a prize would be given an excellence certificate in honour of their participation, she said.

The contest was an exciting opportunity for Invercargill, she said.

“It also demonstrates what a sister city relationship is about –that these little opportunities come along for the people living in our city. A sister city relationship involves everybody.”

Entries close on June 29. Entry forms are available from the Invercargill City Council’s website SneakersPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers