Society honours original comedy

The Invercargill Repertory Society’s production of Wanted, One Body, a play by Charles Dyer, will kick off next week, its first production of the year.

AFTER their last show was postponed several times, Invercargill Repertory Society members are looking forward to going ahead with next week’s productions of Wanted, One Body, a play written by Charles Dyer.

The repertory society, which has been at the forefront of Invercargill’s theatre scene for
more than 80 years, has staged multiple yearly shows for local audiences. Its last show was postponed due to a cast member injury, with prior shows having already been disrupted due to Covid-19.

Committee member Ilana Edlin said there had been a few minor road humps in this year’s
production due to the pandemic, but everything was on track for next week.

‘‘The great thing about the mandates lifting is that happens on the 4th, and we open on the 5th,’’ she said.

‘‘Our theatre holds 144, but we will still be social distancing so people can be happy in the
knowledge that despite the mandates lifting we will still have people sitting in group bubbles and we will distance between their seating.

‘‘Although you don’t have to wear your mask, we will still encourage people to wear masks just for safety’s sake. And, of course, the bar will be open too.’’

The show was a lot of fun with a lot of physical comedy and some really great actors, Edlin said.

‘‘There’s a classic sort of whodunnit about it.’’

Director Jonathan Tucker said Wanted, One Body had done extraordinarily well at London’s
West End since its creation by Dyer in the 1960s, and the Invercargill Repertory Society’s rendition honoured the original.

‘‘He’s written a lot of classical West End stuff for a lot of great actors.’’

The show runs from April 5-9, and attendees can book tickets to the production via the
society’s website,, or by phoning 027 413 7040 and leaving a message.