Stage show a fusion of genres

Like magic: Australian dance experience Celtic Illusion is coming to the Civic Theatre this month. Photos: Supplied

FEATURING dance, magic, illusion and music, stage show Celtic Illusion is no one-trick pony.

The family-friendly show features a fusion of Irish dance.

Director and executive producer Anthony Street is leading the troupe on its first international tour and said he was excited to get started this month.

Based in Melbourne, Street said the show featured an international cast and was not your average magic show.

The illusions were special effects such as appearances, vanishing, costume changes and levitation, he said.

“It sort of adds an extra wow-factor to it.”
Aimed at the whole family, Street said there was no age limit for the show.

“Anyone old and young, this is perfect for. This show’s just got so much going on – dancing, magic, song, music. It’s really such an amazing combination of stuff; it’s getting amazing responses every night as well.”

The show premiered in 2011. It had grown since then and was even more spectacular, Street said.

“It’s come a long way and now we’re getting incredible feedback.”

Featuring both traditional and original music, Street said he had worked with composers Angela Little, who worked with Baz Luhrman on the film Australia, and Steve Skinner, who has worked with artists including Stevie Wonder and Celine Dion.

“So I’ve recreated some old traditional tunes, which have been revamped and modernised, and then we’ve got a few original pieces in there as well which are really fantastic.”

One piece in particular Street had an important part in creating.

“I recorded my voice humming and doing sound effects for a number.”

This was templated, copied and turned into music.

“When you hear the music it’s so fantastic. It’s funny that it came from a recording of my voice originally… He hit the nail on the head straight away and it’s one of the most impressive musical pieces in the show as well.”

Street said he performed the magic with the lead female dancer.

He had been “obsessed with David Copperfield” ever since he was a child.

“He was a big idol of mine and I always wanted to have my own magic show when I was older.”

However, when he took up Irish dancing at age 14 he was soon obsessed with that and decided he wanted to have a dance show, too, he said.

“I thought to myself one day, ‘right, I may not have enough time in my lifetime to do a show for both, so maybe I’ll just sort of cut it short and put my energy together to do them all at once’.”

The more he thought about combining the two shows, the more potential he saw for it, he said.

He encouraged people to go along and see the show.

looking for a great night out and something really entertaining, this show is definitely not going to disappoint… Whether or not you like Irish dancing as well, you’re going to walk away impressed by this.”

Street said once this tour was complete he would be heading to China with the show next year, with the ultimate goal to take it to Las Vegas.

Celtic Illusion, Civic Theatre, Invercargill, Thursday, November 24. Tickets from TicketDirect.

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