Star dancers to rock into October

Rocking with the Stars contestants who will be performing at the show on its new date of October 30.

ROCKING with the Stars will still go ahead

The event, which was originally set to be held on Saturday night, will now be held on October 30.

Invercargill Rock dent Karl Herman said the Covid-19 lockdown meant there had to be a shift in plans.

“Initially back in January when we were planning, we had allowed for a back-up date in case something like this happened.”

However, the initial back-up was still in September, so it left Herman and others feeling not so confident the region would be back at Alert Level 1 in time.

“It just wasn’t realistic really.

“We didn’t know how long level 3 was going to go for or how long level 2 was going to go for, with the Government being cautious, as it should,” he said.

After discussions with fellow organisers, the stadium, the dancers and other performers, it was agreed the new date would work out for most.

For the dancing couples, it was almost like they had to start again with at least three weeks of being unable to dance together.

“It’s like they’re starting from square one again.”

This year’s stars were shaping up really well prior to lockdown, Herman said.

“Probably this is going to be the most competitive year we’ve ever had.

“It’s a good level playing field this time. The judges will have their work cut out for them this time.”

The dancing couples had been working really hard prior to lockdown and he expected that would continue when they were able to get back to rehearsals again.

The only casualty of the shift of dates was Pipin’ Hot, who was the main half-time act, was now not able to perform.

“So we’re now looking for a top class act which can perform for about 20 minutes in the half-time entertainment slot,” he said.

Those who had already bought tickets for the September 4 event did not have to do anything as those tickets would still be valid on the night.

Anyone who had bought tickets but could not now make the October 30 date, should contact ILT Stadium staff to organise a refund, Herman said.

Tickets were still available for anyone who would still like to attend on the night.

  • Rocking with the Stars, ILT Stadium Southland, Saturday, October 30. Tickets available from the stadium.