Stars to rock ‘n’ roll the dancefloor

The Rocking With The Stars contestants and their dancers from the Invercargill Rock ‘n’ Roll Club and Southland Charity Hospital board member Melissa Vining.

STEPPING out of their comfort zones and soon to be stepping in time, this year’s Rocking With The Stars contestants have been announced.

They have had their first lesson, and now the pressure is on to learn a routine to compete in the biennial charity dance competition.

Partnered with dancers from the Invercargill Rock Club, this year’s stars include Southland entertainers, sporting, ocal and business identities.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Club president Karl Herman said there was quite a good mix.

It was the fifth time the event had been held and the stars had 10 weeks to get their act together

“They can put in as much time as they want. It’s up to them.”

The event will be held on September 4 and, this year, was to be much bigger than previous years.

Eighty tables were on offer, with stand tickets to go on sale next month.

This year’s charity is the Southland Charity Hospital, but the event was also a fundraiser to help the club rebuild its hall.

Star and partner:
■ Mana Harrison — Ellexa Robins
■ Kerri Brand — Liam McFarlane
■ Toni Biddle-MacLellan — John Brown
■ Angee Shand — Jack Cuckow
■ Davin Heaps — Chloe Hewitt
■ Jade Gillies — Mackensie Middlemiss
■ Jennifer O’Connell — Jaden McNaughton
■ Jocelyn O’Donnell — Joe Robbins
■ Wayne McEwan — Kyra Hope-Johnstone
■ Connar Fife — Hannah Crooks

  • For more information, go to the Rocking With The Stars Facebook page.