The Messy Magic Adventure

Photo: Libby Lane Photography

Lizzie Tollemache and David Ladderman perform in The Messy Magic Adventure. The show features two cleaners who turn up to clean a house one day – like they always do – however they are in for a surprise. “On this particular day it’s a magician’s house, so all kinds of magical things start happening around the room,” Tollemache said. It’s then that their day goes a bit topsy-turvy. “They accidentally let the magic out of the box so the kids in the audience have to help them try and get the magic back before the magician comes home.” Tollemache said children who liked stories like The Cat In The Hat would really enjoy the show. She said it had been extremely popular in Wellington, with two shows being added to its sold-out two-week season. “The show’s just so much fun. It’s silly, and it’s got circus and slapstick and magic and it’s just wonderful,” Tollemache said.

The Messy Magic Adventure, SIT Centrestage Theatre, Sunday, May 14, 6pm. Book at


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