Thoughtful exchange


Southland Girls’ High School’s Femme Choir performs Cricket’s Storm, by Invercargill composer Sally Bodkin-Allen, at Peacehaven Village on Saturday during a variety concert. (Right) Southland Girls’ High School exchange student Mami Hyodo
(16) accompanies the choir on piano. From Ikubunkan Global High School, in Tokyo, Japan, Mami organised the concert, with other items including a performance by Meadow Bodkin-Allen and George Shirley, from Invercargill Musical Theatre’s Mary Poppins, and soprano Christine McLeod. Host mother Bernice Debono said Mami played the piano at Peacehaven weekly and money raised from the concert would go towards purchasing a gift to leave at the resthome. This year Ikubunkan School has 108 pupils throughout New Zealand. Mami will finish at Girls’ High in October and will travel to Singapore and Cebu Island, in the Philippines, before arriving home in December.Running sport media30 Winter Outfit Ideas to Kill It in 2020 – Fashion Inspiration and Discovery