Axemen in fine form at Tuatapere

    Photos: Dave Loudon Photography

    SOUTHLAND axemen finished strong at the final woodchopping competition in the Southland and Otago Axemen’s Society Christmas circuit last week.

    The final, part of the Tuatapere Sports Day on January 1, attracted a huge following, with axemen from Wales, Switzerland, Australia and the United States joining Southland competitors.

    The circuit started on December 27 in Cromwell and made stops in Gore, Otautau, Riverton and Colac Bay, before finishing in Tuatapere.

    New to the blocks was Southland axeman Ben Egerton (17), who won the 325mm underhand final, placed second in the 300mm final and first in a restricted event. Egerton also sawed with his mother Christine to take out the Jill and Junior sawing competition.

    Karen and Wayne Corbin, of Riverton, won the Jack and Jill sawing.

    Wayne then teamed up with son Nicholas to win the double hand sawing.

    Steve Unahi held off a strong field in the single sawing, beating Danial Clissold, of Australia, Simon Bond, of Wales, and Nicholas Corbin, of Riverton.

    The big championship standing block was won by axeman Blair Jones, of Canterbury.

    The Welsh axemen Glen Penlington, Ozzie Morris and Simon Bond peppered minor placings throughout the day, while Oliver Reinhard, of Switzerland, also cut well. Southland and Otago back markers Adam Finlay and Bobby Dowling had to contend with big handicaps, but cut with amazing ability.

    – Tuatapere Axemen’s Athletic Society president Peter Templeton


    Southland/Otago Axemen’s Association
    Tuatapere – January 1, 2019 Results

    Small Underhand – Final
    1 Ozzie Morris
    2 Ben Egerton
    3 Bobby Baird
    4 Oliver Reinhard

    Big Underhand – Final
    1 Ben Egerton
    2 Simon Bond
    3 Glen Penlington
    4 Oliver Reinhard
    4 = Ozzie Morris

    Restricted Underhand – Final Only
    1 Ben Egerton
    2 Debbie Clissold
    3 Jack Richards
    4 Adrian Smith

    Small Standing – Final
    1 Mike Simpson
    2 Oliver Reinhard
    3 Nathan Heads
    4 Andrew Cox

    Big Standing – Final
    1 Mike Simpson
    2 Oliver Reinhard
    3 Adam Finlay
    4 Robert Dowling

    Championship Standing – Final Only
    1 Blair Jones
    2 Simon Bond
    3 Adam Finlay
    4 Daniel Clissold

    Jiggerboard – Division 1
    1 Andrew Cox
    2 Glen Penlington
    3 Ramon Biggs
    4 Rangi Bowen

    Jiggerboard – Division 2
    1 Ozzie Morris
    2 Simon Bond
    3 Neville Curtain

    Single Saw – Final
    1 Steve Unahi
    2 Daniel Clissold
    3 Simon Bond
    4 Nicholas Corbin

    Double Saw ( Peg ) – Final
    1 Wayne Corbin & Nicholas Corbin
    2 Ben Egerton & Bobby Baird
    3 Andrew Moran & Nigel Mc William
    4 Daniel Clissold & Oliver Reinhard

    Jack and Jill Double Saw – Final
    1 Karen Corbin & Wayne Corbin
    2 Simon Bond & Karen Richards
    3 Nicky Morris & Ozzie Morris
    4 Julie Mc William & Nigel Mc William

    Jill and Junior Single Saw – Final Only
    1 Debbie Clissold
    2 Ben Egerton

    Jill and Junior Double Saw – Final Only
    1 Ben Egerton and Christine Egerton
    2 Debbie Clissold & Karen Corbin
    3 Katie Hobday & Karen Richards

    Axe Throwing – Final Only
    1 Terry Rice
    2 Ben Egerton
    3 Rangi Bowen
    4 Oliver Reinhardtrace affiliate linkΓυναικεία Αντιανεμικά Μπουφάν , Αθλητικα Μπουφάν , Nike, adidas , Προσφορές & Εκπτώσεις Sport