Coin-operated meters to go

    Photo: File

    AFTER an almost two-year delay, Invercargill’s coin-operated parking meters will be put to rest by the end of the year.

    During Invercargill City Council’s (ICC) infrastructure committee meeting on Tuesday, a report by ICC leisure and recreation group manager Steve Gibling tabled a report stating a contract has been awarded for the supply and installation of new parking equipment.

    The work was set to happen in December, he said.

    Mr Gibling said the plan had been for this installation to occur in February next year, but ICC had been fortunate to be able to get an earlier installation date.

    “We are likely to see this occur in the early weeks of December.”

    ICC would go for a pay-by-plate approach on both on-street and off-street car parks, allowing payment by coin, online or by card. “This will make payment so much easier.”

    Cr Alex Crackett said it was a bittersweet feeling as Invercargill was one of the remaining cities in the country using the “lollipop” coin-operated parking meters, but she also recognised ICC should embrace the new technology.

    She asked ICC roading manager Russell Pearson what council would do with the old parking meters and he said they would sell some of them as there were people interested in buying them.

    In 2019, ICC approved, as part of its annual plan, the upgrade of 750 on-street parking meters across the city.

    Mr Pearson said they would cost about $700,000 to be replaced.

    Several factors contributed to the delay of introducing the machines, including extensive research of the most suitable equipment, and the Covid-19 pandemic, he said.