Comic looking for laughs

    Comedian Terry Frisby will emcee the Invercargill heat for the 2021 Raw Comedy Quest next month at Tuatara.

    INVERCARGILL may be lacking a comedic community now, but there are hopes the southern-most city is hiding a comedy star.

    Now back in his hometown, comedian Terry Frisby is planning the first Invercargill heat for the 2021 Raw Comedy Quest.

    A finalist in 1995, Frisby turned professional soon after, with his career in New Zealand including tours with Rhys Darby and Jeremy Elwood, as well as writing for television show, 7 Days.

    He would love for there to be a regular spot for the comedic community in the city, he said.

    “To my knowledge there has never been one.

    “I’d love to see locals get involved. Who knows, the next 7 Days superstar could come from here.”

    Frisby moved back to Invercargill a few years ago, and was persuaded to set up an event this year.

    “I finally decided it’s time to get an Invercargill heat up and running.”

    The whole intention of the competition was to find new, up-and-coming comedians.

    “It is a pathway to more pro shows, and potentially a career in comedy.

    “Almost every comedian in New Zealand you know and can think of would have entered at some point.”

    He had recently contacted Invercargill Mayor Sir Tim Shadbolt to ask if he could be keen to judge.

    “I read [he] was interested in taking up comedy again if he is no longer mayor, so I reached out to him and offered him a spot, but I haven’t heard back yet.”

    It was Sir Tim who offered Frisby one of his first paid jobs, to open for a big gig in front of thousands in Riverton.

    “I thought, ‘Oh no, I’m not ready for that’’’.

    A warm-up open mic event will be held on June 30, while the official heat will be held on July 28.

    From there, the top two would get travel and accommodation to the regional final in Queenstown on August 21.

    “We’re looking to find the next Invercargill comedy star.”

    The national final will be in October.

    Frisby will emcee the events, and said anyone who was wanting help or was interested could email him at, through Facebook or inquire at Tuatara Invercargill.