Constable back home after burns treatment

    Mr Dale holds 11-month-old Kiera. Photos: Supplied
    Te Anau police constable Kris Dale received burns to about 18% of his body in April.

    MOISTURISER and sunscreen are Te Anau police constable Kris Dale’s best friends as he recovers from severe burns.

    Mr Dale was discharged from Christchurch Hospital last week, where he had been since an incident at his home about a month ago left him badly burned on his face, neck, upper torso and hands.

    He received burns to about 18% of his body in April.

    His wife Jamie said she and their children were happy to have him back home for the next stage of his recovery.

    “The kids are back at school and preschool and Kris is finding his ‘new normal’ routine.”

    He had regular physio appointments, daily exercises, oral pain relief as well as numerous multivitamins.

    Mrs Dale said her husband’s skincare routine had become more thorough than her own.

    “He has to moisturise all burn sites three to four times a day, reapply fresh padding on any burst blisters and squeeze back into his compression garments to aid the healing and protect him from the sun and any knocks.”

    That routine was working for him; the difference in his injuries, a month on, was evident.

    She said he took a bit of a hit for a few days after they travelled home but had since perked up again.

    “He’s doing little outings, like walking the kids to school and he gets a bit of fresh air and chats to other parents to fill his social cup, then comes home to rest or nap before the pick-up in the afternoon.”

    Mrs Dale said it was inspiring to see his recovery going well.