Criticism, some support for Bluff pub window sign

    The Eagle Hotel in Bluff.
    Invercargill City Councillor and broadcaster Marcus Lush tweeted the letter on Sunday. Photo: Twitter

    A BLUFF pub has sunk its talons into the prime minister and the Covid-19 response, making comparisons to the Nazi regime on a sign it stuck in its window.

    “Welcome to The Eagle – your friendly resistance head quarters,” it begins.

    “Ms Jacinda Hitler and Dr Ashley Goebbles [sic] have decreed it is mandatory for you to record your visit.”

    Joseph Goebbels was the minister of propaganda for the Third Reich under Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime.

    Broadcaster and Invercargill city councillor Marcus Lush lives in the small southern town, and posted a picture of the letter to social media platform Twitter on Sunday.

    The majority of people responding disapproved of the sign.

    One said, “I hate that we live in a time where I legitimately can’t tell if this is satire.”

    Another said, “I can’t see that pulling in punters.”

    The pub’s Facebook page had not escaped comments from those upset by the words.

    Some commenters have called for a public apology.

    “To compare our PM to Hitler shows blatant disregard for what those poor people suffered heinously for all those years ago. Educate yourselves,” one person said.

    Another wondered how anyone could think it was an appropriate comparison.

    However, a handful of those commenting were in support of the pub’s stance.

    “Thank you. Coming down at the 1st opportunity (probably Wednesday) to show my support for freedom, common sense and a good sense of humour,” one person said.

    Someone else said there needed to be more people like them to make a stand.

    “Thank you.”

    The sign had been taken down from the window earlier this week, but another message had been chalked on the board outside: “Quote of the day: the virus’ LMFAO Marcus”, followed by a winky face.

    The Southland Express could not contact the management of The Eagle Hotel.

    Cr Lush declined to comment when contacted.