Duggie proves irresistible

    Cartoonist and illustrator Shaun Yeo, of Invercargill, with the latest book he has illustrated, Duggie The Buggy.

    IT was love.

    Invercargill cartoonist and illustrator Shaun Yeo could not resist Duggie.

    When publisher Scholastic sent Yeo a manuscript and asked him to draw the buggy named Duggie, Yeo felt like celebrating.

    “It was a manuscript with cars… I loved the story.

    “It’s a really cool wee book, especially for kids who love to play with cars.”

    Duggie The Buggy was the eighth book Yeo had illustrated, his fifth one in the past two years.

    “It’s been a really busy couple of years,” he said, but he had enjoyed it.

    His last book with Scholastic was Moa’s Ark, written by Peter Millet, in 2019.

    So when another manuscript landed on his desk with the question, “How are you with drawing cars?”, Yeo was excited.

    “I sent the concept art of Duggie to them, which Scholastic also sent to the author, Sam Wallace, who was a well-known former TV weatherman, Sticky TV presenter and radio host.”

    The result was a colourful 24-page book, written in a catchy rhythm and rhyme style, which was an ideal book for children to either read, or be read to.

    So what was Duggie?

    “It’s a wee dune buggy which is past its best, but he still has big dreams,” Yeo said.

    The story had a positive message.

    “It was a lot of fun to draw.”

    • Duggie The Buggy was available at book stores.