Firefighters lay solid foundation for raising funds

    Winton Volunteer Fire Brigade members Steve Turton (left) and Guy Johnstone, along with Carve Fitness instructor Kristie Finnegan, are looking forward to their 28-hour treadmill fundraiser which starts tomorrow.

    WINTON firefighters Guy Johnstone and Steve Turton will be on a 28-hour mission this weekend.

    The duo will walk on a treadmill from 6am tomorrow until 10am on Saturday, as a way to raise funds for Leukaemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand.

    It is estimated the duo will walk more than 130km, which was the equivalent of 176,000 steps.

    “We are a little bit nervous but also excited we know it will be a mission,” Mr Johnstone said.

    Both of the firefighters had personal reasons for supporting the cause.

    Mr Johnstone’s father had experienced leukaemia twice.

    “I’ve seen what he had to go through during those times and to raise funds for the foundation helps relieve a lot of families from the stress they go through, while they are going through treatment,” he said.

    Mr Turton’s father-in-law died from the disease.

    “It’s big in our family and I’ve actually been through cancer myself.

    “What we are doing does not compare to what people who are going through treatment are going through.

    The event will be held at Carve Fitness in Winton and, during the fundraiser, gym staff members will hold three pump classes for members of the community to attend.

    People who took part in the free pump classes were encouraged to dress up as superheroes and bring a gold coin donation, Mr Johnstone said.

    “The reason we chose the theme of superheroes is because we think that the real superheroes are those who are going through treatment, so we want people to come in and show their support.”

    The two men were grateful to schools and businesses within the Winton area and Carve Fitness staff members, who had backed the initiative.

    “We just want to say a massive thank you to the community and to those who have got behind us with their support,” Mr Johnstone said.