Flintstones step up for Santa Parade


    BC7384 Footmobile

    Engine: Foot power

    Transmission: One speed


    Colour: Baltic pine with sabre tooth tiger skin roof

    Owner: Fred Flintstone

    From: Purchased from Pterodactyl Motors in Bedrock

    When and why did you buy it? My wife Wilma was wanting something more modern, so I relented. Not that she gets to drive it much, but I let her clean it

    What is the vehicle’s history? 9400 years old, but in good nick

    Have you altered it in any way? My friend Barney and I replaced the rock wheels last summer with new granite tyres

    What’s it like to drive? Well, there’s no air conditioning but it has a shade cloth, so good on those hot days. And not good to get started after a hard night

    What’s it worth? You couldn’t put a price on this beauty

    Where’s your favourite stretch of road (or road trip)? Skippers Canyon

    Top speed? Eight miles an hour, with new rubber-soled gym shoes

    Best driving experience? Going downhill

    Worst driving experience? Going uphill
    What other vehicles of note have your owned? The Brontosaurus Twin Cab, it was a dinosaur of a truck

    Best music to drive to? Rock Lobster

    Describe your driving style: Careful and guarded, unless Barney’s with me

    If you could go for a drive in any vehicle it would be a… A pedal car, the one with suspension and padded seats

    What was the first car you ever bought? A Raptor three-wheeler

    Do you belong to any clubs? No, but I own four!
    Event: Fred Flintstone and his vehicle will be one of many at the Southland Santa Parade, Saturday, December 3, 2pm. From Gala St, left on to Dee St, left again at Troopers Memorial on to Tay St, left on to Kelvin St, and back to Gala St

    Words: Rangi Pottinger

    Photos: Janette GellatlyBest Authentic Sneakersjordan Release Dates