Government gun buy-back to begin


    COLLECTION sites have been announced for Southland following the implementation of the Government’s gun buy-back scheme.

    New Zealand Police have released dates, times and locations for collection events on its website.

    In a police press release it was reiterated police wanted people with prohibited firearms to hand them in during the amnesty and buy-back period, as part of the newly amended firearm legislation.

    Deputy commissioner Mike Clement said police had appreciated the public’s patience as regulations were being developed and police had worked through the details of such a “large-scale process.”

    While police encouraged firearm owners to attend the events, bulk pick-ups for those with more than 10 firearms, exception-based pick-ups if there were security concerns or transport constraints, and hand-ins at selected firearms retailers and police stations would be made available “in the coming weeks”.

    “Safety is crucial, so before coming to an event, owners must clear firearm(s) of all ammunition and put them and any parts in a safe carry bag. To speed up the process, owners should also complete the online form on the police website.”

    More than 190 drop-off events have been announced throughout the country to be held within the first three months. Dates, times and locations will be added to the list during the six-month amnesty period – ending December 20.For Southland collection points and what to bring to the collection/drop-off sites, go to

    Southland collection events:

    *September 6 2019, Ascot Park Racecourse, Racecourse Rd, Invercargill – 10am to 2pm

    *September 7 2019, The Pavilion, 7 Ayre St, Oban, Stewart Island – 10am to 2pm

    *September 8 2019, Ascot Park Racecourse, Racecourse Rd, Invercargill – 9am to 1pm

    *September 15 2019, Ascot Park Racecourse, Racecourse Rd, Invercargill – 9am to 1pm

    *September 20 2019, Winton Racecourse, 64 Racecourse Rd, Winton – 10am to 2pm

    *September 21 019, Marakura Yacht Club, SH94, Te Anau – 10am to 2pm

    *September 22 2019, Marakura Yacht Club, SH94, Te Anau – 9am to 1pm

    What to bring to collection events:

    *Your firearms licence (if applicable)

    *Photo identification (drivers licence or passport)

    *Your bank account number

    *Your online notification reference number

    *All your prohibited parts, cleared of all ammunition

    *Any other non-prohibited firearm(s) or parts you wish to hand-in to policebest shoesMen’s shoes