Invercargill drug dealer pleads guilty


    Police found 4kg of cannabis, 1655 tabs of LSD and $12,574.73 when they searched a drug dealer’s house in Invercargill, a police summary states.

    Jaden James Pearsey (22), of Invercargill, yesterday pleaded guilty to five Crown charges of offering to supply LSD and cannabis, possession of cannabis for supply, possession of cannabis for sale and failure to carry out obligations in relation to a computer search when he appeared before Judge David Robinson in the Invercargill District Court.

    The police summary of facts said police became alerted to Pearsey’s dealing when they searched the phone of his associate in Queenstown which showed the associate was in routine contact with Pearsey sourcing large amounts of cannabis and LSD for supply to the Queenstown and Invercargill markets. As a result, police executed a search warrant at Pearsey’s home on July 30, last year.

    During the search, the police seized a cellphone and completed an extraction of it which showed the defendant was supplying his associate with quantities of LSD and cannabis.

    Police also executed a further production order on a cellphone belonging to the defendant, which revealed numerous text messages of associates requesting LSD and cannabis and Pearsey offering to supply them.

    Between December 23, 2020 and August 29, 2021, the defendant offered to supply 238 tabs of LSD and nearly 2.8kg of cannabis.

    Another search warrant was executed at Pearsey’s address on October 20, 2021.

    In total 4.02kg of cannabis, 1655 tabs of LSD and $12,574.73 were seized from the house.

    Pearsey refused to give a mobile phone PIN when asked by police and declined to make a statement.

    The judge remanded him in custody to appear for sentence on June 30.