New parking kiosks ‘modern tool’ for the city

    ITS technician Daryl Street installs one of the new parking kiosks on Dee St, Invercargill, this week.

    INSTALLATION of the new parking kiosks has been happening on the main streets of Invercargill in the past few weeks.

    The new meters will be ready for use from Monday.

    The kiosks are replacing the old parking meters which only allowed users to pay for parking through the use of coins.

    The system will allow the public to pay for their parking in a range of ways including coins, credit card, Paywave, online or through the Pay My Park app.

    The kiosks will feature a touch screen and will introduce a pay-by-plate system.

    The pay-by-plate system required users to put in their vehicle registration plate number to pay for the amount of hours they would be parked in a parking zone.

    They will be located at multiple locations throughout the city including the Leven St car parking building and the public car parks on Esk and Don Sts.

    Invercargill City Council roading manager Russell Pearson said the upgrade to the parking meters had been requested by the public for a long time.

    “We recognise that it’s time for a change to our paid parking system and we’re really pleased to finally be able to offer different payment options and to have a more modern tool for our staff to work with.”

    The new meters were solar-powered and will use mobile technology to communicate to parking staff.

    Charges for parking will be paid in 15-minute increments and will give people 30 minutes of free parking every day.

    This means costs for a full hour will be $1, $3 for two hours and $4 for each hour after that.

    On-street parking infringements would come under a different offence and fines would range from $12 to $57, depending on the time exceeded or whether a number plate was entered in the system.

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