Oyster season time again


    IN the first three days of the 2020 Oyster season, one of Southland’s biggest oyster factories processed 84,000 of the Bluff delicacy.

    Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters general manager Graeme Wright yesterday said the season, which started on Sunday, was looking promising.

    “We had a good start with boats returning with a good catch.

    “Yesterday the sea was a bit rough so we had to send the boats home, but we had a good start.”

    Mr Wright was expecting a good season as first tests at the wild oyster fishery had not shown any signs of the parasite Bonamia ostreae.

    “Indications show we will have a similar season to last year. We have to wait until the boats come back with more samples to test them indications show the chance of disease [bonamia ostreae] this year is very low like last year.”

    He said while the industry was allowed to take 14.95 million oysters from Foveaux Strait per season, they would start with 7.5 million to guarantee sustainability.

    He said customers started to turn up before the store was open on Monday.

    “We had a line of people wanting the oysters. The demand continues to be high. ”

    The oyster season ends on August 31.Sports ShoesPatike – Nike Air Jordan, Premium, Retro Klasici, Sneakers