Pair to earn $1500 per day

    The Invercargill City Council building on Esk St, Invercargill. Photo: File

    TWO people appointed to advise the Invercargill City Council on how to implement a governance review will earn $1500 a day of ratepayer money.

    A council spokeswoman was unable to confirm who the two external appointees were, as nothing had been finalised.

    It follows concerns from the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) and an independent governance review carried out by independent adviser Richard Thomson, who recommended the council appoint two external parties.

    The report, prepared by the council’s project director Peter Thompson, and adviser to the office of chief executive Jane Parfitt which was presented on Tuesday, states the two external appointees will start the work from January 1, 2021, for a term of up to 18 months.

    The report states each will be paid $1500 a day or $200 per hour.

    The salary is “in accordance with comparable roles” of that level.

    The sum would be paid out of the budget of $730,000 approved by the council last month.

    At the time, the council emphasised a large part of the budget would be needed to cover staffing costs.

    The document revealed this week states, “the role of external appointees is to provide guidance and advice to elected council members, collectively and individually, on matters of governance”.

    While the external appointees would need to provide a quarterly report to the risk and assurance committee, they did not have a decision-making role.

    There would be two reviews June 30, 2021 and December 30, 2021 the terms of appointment might be shortened at either of those dates if there was a consensus among the council and the external appointees that one or both was no longer required.

    One of those appointees would chair a governance group which also included a representative from the DIA.

    Internal Affairs ministerial advice, monitoring and operations director Anita Balakrishnan confirmed last week it would be part of the governance group but thought it was inappropriate to comment on how it would work until after the council had considered the report presented this week.

    A document which outlined deputy mayor Nobby Clark’s formal duties was also expected for this week’s meeting as was another of the recommendations from Mr Thomson’s review.

    However, work was ongoing and a further report would be brought to the council in February next year.latest Nike releaseتخفيضات