Screen captures attention

    ILT Stadium Southland general manager Nigel Skelt and Rugby Southland commercial manager Breidi McStay in front of the mobile big screen which the pair hope can be purchased for Southland organisations to use. Photo: The South Today/Sharon Reece

    WORKING group is being organised to take the next step in purchasing a mobile big screen for Southland.

    ILT Stadium Southland general manager Nigel Skelt and Rugby Southland commercial manager Breidi McStay have investigated the potential of purchasing an 18m by 5m mobile big screen, which could be used for a range of events in Southland.

    A presentation was made last week when the concept was explained to potential funders and potential users of the mobile screen.

    Monsta Vision was also on hand to talk about the ins and outs of the screen itself.

    The screen was on display at ILT Stadium Southland for all to see and was also used at the Highlanders v French Barbarians rugby game at Rugby Park last Friday night.

    Mr Skelt said there had been a “very enthusiastic response” following the presentation.

    The screen was expected to cost between $600,000 to $700,000 and would need the support of community funders and the various councils in Southland.

    There were also other costs attached which would need to be worked through. These included the need for a truck to transport the big screen throughout Southland and also the human resource cost in having someone manage the daily operation of the big screen’s use.

    Sport Southland had already shown an interest in taking the lead role of the everyday management of the screen, Mr Skelt said.

    There would be discussions with the Richardson Group around what assistance it might be able to provide around a truck, and also a potential storage area for when the screen wasn’t being used.

    There was no reason the screen should spend a lot of time in storage given the commercial opportunities around advertising and other activities outside when it was used at events, Mr Skelt said.

    Mr Skelt said they were putting together a working group which would be represented by different sectors of the community, including sport, and arts and culture.

    That working group would put an official application together for the potential funders.

    Mr Skelt said they would also work with the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) to try and form a partnership.

    SIT currently provided technical and camera support for events at ILT Stadium Southland when the big cube screen was operating at the venue.

    The potential partnership was viewed as another learning opportunity for SIT students, as well as a service for the organisations which want to hire the screen.

    It was expected the basic hire costs for the big screen would be $1500. However it would be closer to $7000 if users wanted the full camera operated service.

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