Top o’ the morning to ya


    IT’S an annual event for Lynn Thomas (pictured) and her friends to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

    Yesterday was no different, as (from left) Ross Clarke, Russell Ross, Mac McGarry and Donald Ward congregated in their greenery to celebrate the primary patron saint of Ireland’s special day at Waxy’s Irish Pub in Invercargill.

    Ms Thomas said a crew got together most years, with about 20 coming this year.

    They were really looking forward to hearing The Little Green Men playing – a band they hadn’t heard live for many years.

    For Mr Ross, of Nelson, it was a day of catching up: “We’re going to tell the blarney until the blarney won’t come out any more.”

    While they sipped their first Guinness just after 11am yesterday, they were hoping the hangovers wouldn’t be too bad today.

    Photo: Karen Pasco