Trust seeks donations for Tonga

    Tongan Trust community president Fa’e Moeakiola will welcome donations from the public at 261 East Rd, Invercargill.

    MEMBERS of the Invercargill Tongan Trust are calling for donations from the Southland community.

    The group was planning to send 60 drums to Tonga for families who had been directly affected by the eruption and tsunami.

    President Fa’e Moeakiola said the trust members were requesting non-perishable foods,
    water, clothing or monetary contributions from the public.

    People could drop off their donations at 261 East Rd from March 7-11 between 9am-5pm.

    There were about 30 Tongan families within Invercargill who were involved with the initiative.

    They were preparing drums to be filled and sent off to Auckland by March 19.

    ‘‘It will take about five days to get up north but we have left a couple of days as a buffer just in case something happens.’’

    The ship would than leave for Tonga on March 31.

    It had been an emotional year for some of the Tongan families, Mr Moeakiola said.

    ‘‘Some individuals and their families have been affected more than others, but it is in these times that the community becomes closer as a family.

    ‘‘Things like this bring everyone together because we need support from each other.’’

    As the president of the community in Invercargill, he was overwhelmed with the love
    and support received from friends, colleagues and families.

    ‘‘What I love is that Kiwis, no matter what, come together as one country to support one

    ‘‘For us as Tongans, we know that no matter how hard it is or tough it is, we have a belief and understanding that it will take time and we will get there.’’

    ■ To help support the initiative or for more information, contact Mr Moeakiola on 021 316
    325 or Api on 022 470 6502.