Heat pump care


AT this time of year many Southlanders will use heat pumps to keep warm inside. Southern Heat Pump Cleaning owner William Wilkes answers some frequently asked questions about having the units cleaned.
I clean my filter regularly like it says on the instruction manual, surely that’s enough?
Fine dust particles get past the filter over time and build up on the coil and fan inside the heat pump and inhibits airflow and heating
Why does my heat pump keep stopping and blowing cold air on frosty mornings?
On cold days, damp air hits the coil and turns into ice. Once this happens the heat pump basically reverses itself to melt the ice outside, which is why it seems to blow cold air. Defrosting takes around 10-15 minutes
Why is the air blowing from my heat pump weak and not that warm no matter how much I turn the fan speed and temperature up?
The coil and fan are probably blocked up by dust and, if you’ve got pets, animal hair too. This makes your heat pump wear out quicker and increases the risk of expensive breakdowns
My heat pump blows out smelly, stale air, why is that?
That bad smell is dust and dirt on the coil and fan. As the coil heats up it may even give off a ‘‘burnt dust’’ smell. We flush the coil with a sanitising ecofoam cleaner, and clean the fan, filter and heat pump casing, washing away dust, dirt and mould spores, leaving it free from bad smells and decay
What do you do to the outside unit?
We clean the coil, casing and ensure the condensation drain hole is free from obstruction. If it holds water it can rust out the compressor tank and base
How often should I get my heat pump serviced?
Every one to two years depending on surroundings, pets, fireplaces and length of time switched on
How long does cleaning take, and is it expensive?
Servicing takes about an hour to an hour and a half and the cost is relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of a new heat pump, a repair bill, or increased power bills
Í For more information phone William Wilkes, Southern Heat Pump Cleaning, 03 217 7507 or 027 224 4299. Appointments available seven days a week.